The Next Step of the Veil Journey

I gathered my supplies and went to town making my veil this afternoon. It was surprising very easy! I would have to say sewing the bridemaid’s t-shirts with ruffles, flowers  and beading was a much harder journey.

Remember I said that I would be needing LOTS of tulle?

Thank goodness Randy’s house has an empty room right now because I needed it! First, I laid the tulle flat on the floor.

Yes, the tulle filled the ENTIRE room’s floor. The width of the veil is about 90 inches. The Length of  the veil is 3 YARDS!!!! What am I thinking…really?

Next, I folded the tulle “hot dog” way and lined up the two corners.

That’s soo LONG! Then, I cut the corners to round the edges.

Now, to the hard part. I had NO idea how to “properly” gather the tulle to attach it to the hair comb.

So…like always…I played.

I slowly gathered the tulle by weaving a needle and thread  in and out of the tulle. It looked right?

Until I pulled too hard and SNAPPED the thread and the whole thing fell apart.

Play Time #2: New technique

I decided this time I would gather a little bit at a time and then attach the small bit of tulle that was gathered to the head piece bit by bit. And….


I can’t show you the complete finished veil because that would just give away the surprise of the big day. So I guess you’ll have to wait.

Plus, the real test is when I try it on with my wedding dress. Then I’ll decide if I really am done!

The Journey to Create My Veil

So my DIY obsession carried over to creating my very own veil. I am wondering if this is a good thing or not based on others reactions. When I share my veil creation ideas I receive…

“Wow! Really?”

“Oh my! That’s a big task to take on!”

“How are you going to do that?”

and I reply with, “Oh, it will be easy!” In the back of my mind, my wheels are turning. YIKES!

Let’s be honest here, do I know what I am doing? NO…no…noo I really do not!

But, how hard could it really be?

What I will need:

-Just a BUNCH of tulle. I mean a BUNCH! I am not just taking on a short little shoulder length veil.

I am going to tackle a cathedral length veil. That’s right…it a good 2 1/2- 3 yard veil!

-Wire Hair Comb

-Clear Thread, needle

-SHARP scissors


This is the “All You Need to Know About Veils” image:

Thank you “Butterfly”

As you can see, the Cathedral is the longest of veils and is A LOT of tulle!

Wish me luck! :)

Ring Bearers

Randy and I are in a lucky place with our ring bearers. We have so many special “little men” in our lives.

So…who to choose? Why not all?


I have a half brother, Ben. Ben is quite the special little man.

Ben loves…MUSIC! He knows 100′s of songs, can name that artist and even has his very own song that was written and recorded all about Ben!

We are so excited to see him swing around in his wheelchair at the reception.

There are three other pretty importance “little men” in our lives- The Ledbetter boys!

We were able to officially ask them to be apart of our day while we saw them over New Years.

They love…LEGOS! We can’t wait to have Luke, Drew and Sammy join Ben.

Once we had a yes from our FOUR ring bearers, it was PLAY TIME!

I spotted a lovely ring bearer pillow on an Etsy spot awhile back and decided that I could DIY. All I needed was nice fabric and a huge flower. The huge flower took awhile to track down around the holidays because most stores only carried holiday flowers, wreaths and berries. Once the New Year passed I tracked down a huge yellow daisy at Michael’s. I purchased dark grey taffeta. I sewed the fabric to make a pillow and attached the flower to the center of the pillow with yellow ribbon to hold the rings. MAGIC…and you have a ring bearer pillow!


We booked our honeymoon!!!! After hours of surfing paradise honeymoon locations on the web we decided on our honeymoon location. One of my girlfriend’s father is a travel agent and helped us book our trip to St. Lucia! We CAN NOT WAIT considering the temperature in Denver is -13 right now!

We will be staying at the Sandal Grande St. Lucia. The wonderful thing about Sandals is that it’s all-inclusive. Once we arrive we DO NOT HAVE TO THINK ABOUT ONE THING!   .ahhh…true paradise.

Photo Corner

We will be holding a cocktail and lawn game hour. The vibe we are going for is grab a drink, play a game, take a picture and laugh! We want our guests to feel very laid back and comfortable. We will have a little Polaroid corner where guests are to pick up their table seating card that will be hung on a clothespin attached to a clothes line. They will replace their table seating card with a Polaroid pic. Guests will be able to PLAY with the homemade felt props I created with the help of my new rooms, Jessica!

I also created a banner to hang at the photo corner. I used some cute yellow and grey fabric. I sewed the fabric to dark grey felt.

Next, I cut the fabric to match the triangle.

I then attached a thick grey ribbon to the top and sewed the triangles and the ribbon together!