Glitter Paper Lantern

For the baby shower I also created a glitter paper lantern! Anyone, I mean anyone could do this! So all of you out there that think, “Yah…that looks cool Leighann….but really…I can’t do that!” YES, YES, yes, you can!

Just make sure to lay newspaper or cardboard down before you play!

All you need is a paper lantern, fine glitter and spray adhesive.

Spray the adhesive in small sections and sprinkle the glitter on.

Cover the entire lantern.

Hang from a ribbon.

Hang with LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of other paper lanterns!


Fluffy Pretties Tripled and Quadrupled

am telling you that once a creative seed is planted it sprouts and sprouts and sprouts…

The tissue pom pom seed is sprouting in full force right now. I simply googled these fluffy little things and found out that you all like them too! I am now borrowing your ideas!

Here’s what I found..

.a splash of color to line the aisle

napkin holders


This is Martha’s picture how-to for the tissue pom poms:

Fluffy Pretties Doubled

As I started exploring the tissue pom poms I began to realize the possibilities that await!~ Oh and they do…

Tissue Paper=CHEAP

Tissue Paper done right=elegant

Tissue paper serving as a flower substitute= DIY

Fluffy Pretties Doubled into centerpiece pretties, ceremony decorations and much much MORE!

Bare with me here…this discovery happened as I began making the huge hanging pom poms. I thought, “Hmmm…I wonder what small baseball size ones would look like?” Well they looked just as fabulous. The great thing about them was that they looked very similar to flowers. I realized that they would be a great replacement for centerpiece flowers. (CHEAPER, much, mucher cheaper!)

Pictures of centerpieces began to dance in my head like fairies and sugar plums.

PLAY TIME: I convinced my roommate to make an adventure out of it and head to the craft school to search for centerpiece elements. We headed to several stores searching for different items: twigs, rocks, floating candles, vases, artificial flowers, vases, paint, stray paint, crystal rocks and twig balls.

We got home and began really playing. After some accidental spray paint OPP…ies and spilt water we came up with some pretty wonderful options.

3 vases(small, medium and large), two twig balls, 3 mini tissue pom poms, one floating candle, three tree twigs and one white fake tulip. Cute…but plain and not fitting in the color scheme.

Step #1-Spray paint the tree twigs black…opps…we really didn’t mean to spray the carpet too!

Step #2-Paint the twig balls (one-silver, one-black)

Step #3-Make tissue pom poms in shades of yellow

Step #4-Water in small vase (Bath and Body Works 3 wick candle jar) and floating candle

Step #5-Water and tulip in medium vase (borrow from wonderful roomies’ company)

Step #6- Three twigs in tall vase

Step #7-Arrange twig balls and pom poms around three vases

and magic!……..

and the mood lighting effect…

Fluffy Pretties

Now that I had the tissue paper it was time for “fluffy pretties”. I had the opportunities to express my creative side for my little sister’s 13th birthday party last year and stumbled across these fluffy hanging tissue pom poms by Martha at Michaels last September. I fell IN LOVE with them and secretively told myself that I would have these lovelies at my wedding one day.

….The experiment….

fluffy hanging pretty
hanging from the kitchen

I studied how they were made and thought “DIY”! I am such a huge picture person and began to paint a beautiful image of fluffy pretties hanging from the wedding venue’s ceiling. Are you painting that picture too? Well here’s what I am thinking…