Etched Glass Mirror

I am so proud of my lasted DIY project. It looks so classy I can’t stand it. When I moved in with my husband there was all sorts of items left behind from his former roommates. My husband dislikes clutter and wanted to hand everything over the the ARC. I told him to, “hold it”. I just knew I would dream up a DIY creation one of these days. This is where the etched glass mirror was born.

There was even two mirrors to pick from! I chose the sturdier white one.

I used Martha Stewart brand etched glass paint and a stencil.

Start the stencil in the corner of the frame. This will allow you to keep a straight pattern throughout the whole working area.

Brush the paint on one section at a time. It will take awhile because the paint has to dry before you paint another section.

All done and ready to hang.