Statement Necklace: Beaded Bib Necklace

I’ve gone crazy.

Literally crazy.


I’ve made all of these…

These beaded bib necklaces are my favorite!

I found this tutorial from Martha Stewart

Supplies: All you need is ribbon, beads and beading wire/string.


To Begin Make Center Piece:

Cut an 18-inch length of nylon-coated beading wire. String 12 beads onto the middle of wire, and thread opposite end through last bead to make the bottom circle. For middle circle, string 5 beads onto each end. Add 1 more, and thread opposite end through it. For top circle, string 5 beads onto each end. Add 1 more bead and a metal crimp, and thread opposite end through each. Close crimp with needlenose pliers; trim ends.

 Second, Make Right and Left Pieces

Cut a 55-inch length of wire. String 7 beads onto the middle of wire, then loop in far-right bead of center piece’s middle circle. Add 3 more beads to left end, and thread opposite end through last bead to make bottom circle. For second circle, add 5 beads to right end. Add 2 beads to left end, then loop in far-right bead of top-center circle. Add 3 more beads to left end, and thread opposite end through last bead. For third circle, thread 5 beads onto each end. Add 1 more, and thread opposite end through it. Repeat to add more circles to reach nape of neck, and close final circle with a crimp. To make the left piece, follow steps above. On final circle, loop in a bead from right piece’s last circle as the 12th bead, and close with a crimp.

 Finally, Tie Ribbon

Cut two 24-inch length of ribbon. Double the ribbon and cut a diagonal edge on the ends. String the ribbon loop at the top of each corner of the beaded bib necklace and pull the ribbon ends through. Tie in a bow to secure.

Lilac Ribbon Necklace

I’ve been having a lot of fun creating new jewelry over the past few weeks. This piece is versatile and fresh. The ribbon is creamy and soft. The beads are clear and crystal. I could literally wear this necklace with my entire closet.

<Lilac Ribbon Necklace>

I choose to use this “wildfire” thread. It is thicker and more durable than other beading threads.

I gathered two different types of beads.

Next, I sewed the ribbon onto the metal finding.

I strung the beads and attached them to the metal finding.



So cute with a little lilac flower to add a splash of color.

Wednesday Inspired: Layered Bracelets

I love the layered bracelet look! Individual metallic bracelets seem to be everywhere. Who said that you had to wear them individually?

I have been sporting the layered bracelet lately.

Check out these fun combinations:

<bright colors>

<Chain wrapped in colored floss>

<Macrame Bracelet>

<Embellished Friendship Bracelets>

<Rope Bracelets>

<Woven Chain Bracelet>

Tune in tomorrow for a tutorial from me on how to make a fun leather bracelet for layering!

Hair Comb for my Cousin!

As I mentioned earlier today, I have been occupying my time with wedding craftiness for others lately. My cousin, Rachel, is getting married this August. I simply can’t wait to celebrate her wedding day with her. We have very similiar taste so she asked me to make a few things for her special day. She came, as apart of my entourage, to help me select my wedding dress at the bridal boutique. When she was there she fell in love with a beautiful hair comb that was made of pearls and crystal beads. She checked into purchasing the hair comb but I quickly stopped her and told her I could surely do that myself! It was the perfect new DIY project for me!!! I quickly studied the piece and figured out how I could make it myself at home. It took a little while to gather all of the necessary supplies. I traveled to a few craft stores and finally found what I would need to make her beautiful hair comb.

Hair combs. This was actually one long hair comb that I cut in half.

Pearl and crystal beads

Silver thin wire

Wire cutters and a thin nosed jewelry tool.

The creation:

I began by cutting a long strand of the thin wire and beaded the pearls and crystals from the end of the wire strand and twisted the wire in between each set of the beads.

I feed the beads on to the wire to make a “leaf” like look, twisted the wire and then added more beads to create a second leaf.

I, then, attached the long beaded strand to the hair comb by twisting the end between the teeth on the hair comb.

Next, I made additional beaded strand to fill in the middle and….VA VOOM…I created the beautiful hair piece my cousin eyed at the bridal boutique!

Hope you like it, Rach!