A Little Side Tracked

So I have been a little side tracked ever since I made the table number signs because I pulled all of my beading supplies out. (That I never really used accurately…) I hit up a couple of my favorite blogs and search for a few beading tutorials for the correct use of my beading supplies and light bulbs began to FLASH in my head. I began to craft some different ideas. It was great because they looked fabulous with my teaching ensemble the following day and my birthday outfit last Friday. I didn’t take any pictures through my experimenting so I can’t give you a step by step tutorial. SORRY! Here’s my creations!

This is a long silver chain with various pearls in between. I tried it on and thought…”Hmmmm…it may need MORE…”

a little closer…

The next night I thought let’s try something different….

I made a long silver chain necklace with a small silver hoop attached to the bottom. I then attached various pearl beads to individual short silver chains.

Pretty, huh?

THEN…I got a wonderful surprise!!! My birthday was Easter! Two of my Besties got me my very own SEWING MACHINE for my birthday!!! Can you believe it?!? It was such a joyous moment! My eyes were in disbelief but sure enough it was real! So… I woke up bright and early Easter morning and played! I made this cute little thing and wore it over to the Easter meal with the family and to work today.

I love the cute little bow!

So, here’s my thoughts. I think I may need your help. I am toying around with the idea of making necklaces for the bridemaids to wear. I can’t decide which style I like more…What do you think?!?!? HELP!

Table Number Signs

came up with a great alternative to the typical picture frame table number OR a table number printed with fancy font and stuck on a tall table clip. (Not that any of these are bad at all…) My idea has a big advantage over these typical styles…SUPER CHEAP!!!!

I sketched a quick picture of my vision while I was playing around with ideas about the centerpiece. Since our centerpiece consists of a tall vase with twigs I thought it might be neat to hang the table number from the twigs. I have seen this idea from various wedding websites for escort cards hanging from a tree-like figure for the guests to find their seats. (Still playing around with this idea)

I, then, started brainstorming how or what could be hanging to identify the table number…THEN…an idea popped in my head! My friend, Jessica, got married this past October. I was fortunate to be apart of her bridal party. She gave us the cutest gifts the night of her rehearsal dinner. She wrapped the gift in cute wedding bag that had my next inspiration hanging from it!!!

The Letter “L” -hung from my jewelry chest

And of course…I thought I can do this MYSELF…

Step 1: I had some bead pearls left over from “project make my own necklace gone FAILURE” and some bendable thin wire from the tissue pom poms. But, how was I going to make the numbers firm enough to stay in the correct shape??

Wow- Am I good or what?!? I mean, how many of these do you have? You get one back from the dry cleaner every time you take something in. Well, if you are like me you never take your clothes to the dry cleaner.  If you do once in a blue moon, you throw it away and replace it with plastic ones. I don’t mean to sound up tight but I hate wire hangers because they get tangled up in my stuffed closet. (And, no I do not need to throw anything away.) BUT, my fiance, Randy has them because… let’s face it he doesn’t care and doesn’t have the same stuffed closet problem.

Step 2: Next, I bended the hanger to the desired shape with pliers.

Step 3: You can make the numbers fancy if you want. This was my first try so I stuck to a basic number two.

Step 4: Get the bendable wire and pearl beads and begin to string the pearls onto the wire. You will need to string enough beads to cover the entire length of the hanger.

Step 5: Twist wire around one end of the number to secure. Then begin to lay the stringed pearls on the number.

Follow this pattern: Lay a pearl, twist the wire around the number once, lay a pearl, twist the wire around the number, one by one.

Step 6: Continue with this pattern until you reach the end of the number. Cut the wire with wire cutters. Leave about 2 inches of additional wire to wrap around th.

Step 7: Tie ribbon to the top to hang.

Super easy and very, very cheap. I think the bag of pearls cost 3.99 at Jo Ann’s. I had the bendable wire from the tissue pom poms and everyone can come up with wire hangers! Enjoy!

Inspiration Board

It’s a SNOW DAY=PLAY day! I was pleasantly surprised to look out our apartment window last night and see a snow blizzard billowing outside. I was not so thrilled when I heard cars stuck at 12:30 last night as I was falling asleep. Do not get me wrong, I am soo incredibly sick of the snow and ready for happy spring. BUT, snow day= PLAY day with the roomie. I woke up and she excitedly greeted me by sharing OUR FAVORITE wedding site to date. (YOU SEE, She is engaged too!) If she allows, I may share some of her wedding inspirations as we journey too.

Step #1: Log in to: www.dessey.com

Step #2: Create an account

Step #3: Style Board- It’s an interactive wedding style board where you can search through style galleries. They have a lot of fun stuff. There are galleries on everything from bridemaids dresses to wedding venues to food and drink.

Step #4: Search the galleries to find little bits of inspiration

Step #5: Drag your selections to your style board and PLAY!

Step #6: VA-VOOM!!! This little website fits perfectly with my post last night.

Want to see my VA VOOM?

How fun, huh? My roomie is working on her second masterpiece right now! Warning, it can be very addictive. Have fun!

***Just Discovered: DO NOT HIT THE BACK BUTTON ON YOUR WINDOW…it will delete the entire creation. :(

Inspiration through Sketching

When I was young my mom signed me up for a sketching/drawing class. I remember feeling like a true artist after I completed a simple charcoal sketch of a horse’s head. Yes, it is a little lame…My artistic drawing career ended right there. Although I still enjoy doodling during work meetings.

I thought it might be helpful to doodle some of my crafty “visions” in my head before I attempted them. You see I need to envision the next project to mentally and physically begin to tackle it. I find most people are like this.

This is why, ladies, we love to shop! We are addicted to the rush of stepping foot in glorious clothing masterpieces like Nordstrom. It’s not just the clothing visual candy, it’s the smell of clean pressed designer jeans that just seem it make your behind transform from a so-so to a VA-VOOM, the neatly lined stilettos all on their own platform and the luxury of “burrowing” someone else’s ideas on how to put “it” all together. This is what I find when I sketch my ideas. It allows me to put it all together. I sketch my ideas, browse others ideas such as magazines, sites and blogs and then VA-VOOM…it’s a beautifully semi-originally sketched masterpiece!

The centerpieces began in the last centerpiece entry. I have added a little to the idea after surfing my favorite wedding site (theknot.com).

Can you find what I added and took away?

Silk ribbon around the rim of each vase. Pre-made and secured with double stick tape. Color to be determined in the VA-BOOM stage.

I decided that the twig balls seemed to get hidden in the tissue pom poms. They may require unavailable time to set up on the day of the wedding and they will just add to the overall cost of the centerpiece…twig ball=cross off.

I have been determining how I was going to incorporate the table number with the table scape. IDEA- small bead pearls on bendable thin wire shaped in the number of the table number and then hung by slate gray ribbon! This idea is in the “Inspiration through sketching” state. It’s was dancing around, then brought to rest on a page of my sketch book and will soon be apart of my next PLAY time…stay tuned bloggers!

Wire pearl beaded table number strung from a silk ribbon hung on twigs

A Little more…

must say this blog is attracting more interest than I could have expected! How exciting… I was wrapped up in “Crafty Land” today.

I had been working on my “secret little gift” over the past few weeks visiting retail stores and visiting different sites to get inspiration. Like  I said before, I am not new to crafting but brand new at the crafting experiments I am attempting. I am no florist, seamstress, graphic designer, painter or cook. I am “Crafty”. Some consider this as an elementary level artist. I call this an “A Plus” attempt at Doing It Yourself/DIY. I am not going to lie…I frequently step back and think…”Wow-I am pretty impressed!” BUT—for all those great attempts there are an equal amount of “Arrr…He (“He”=my fiance…”He”= a real artist/graphic designer) was right, my execution was elementary.” Remember I’m learning, your learning, we’re learning together. If you have any suggestions, help me learn with you too-SHARE

With this said, I began to PLAY today.

My fiance’s wonderful mother loaned me her sewing machine for the day. She gave me my first sewing “lesson” since 7th grade sewing class last week for a few hours. A few hours under my belt-sure I can handle any sewing project. Some how she found it in her soul to trust me with her very savvy machine.

Here’s the results…

a little bit more…

of my “secret little gift”…

…I hope I’m not giving away too much!